5 Games To Watch This Weekend In College Football

November 3, 2017

The first College Football Playoff rankings are out and there is a lot of discussion on who should be in the top 4. In fact I believe that there are 11 teams that have a realistic chance of making it in this year which you can see in my last post. This week should clear some of that up for us. Realistically see at least one of those teams "eliminated" if not 2 or 3.


1. Oklahoma @ Oklahoma State

By far the biggest game of the week. Both of these teams are serious College Football Playoff Contenders and cannot afford another loss this season. Oklahoma has had Oklahoma State's number in recent years but the Sooners haven't looked great since their loss to Iowa State. Oklahoma State has arguably the best offense in the nation and it is strong enough to beat anyone. Oklahoma has Baker Mayfield and he is capable of taking over any game at any time.

Prediction: Oklahoma-37, Oklahoma State-35


2. Virginia Tech @ Miami

This game could propel a team higher into the College Football Playoff and could eliminate one. These two teams are two of the biggest surprises of the year. Miami is still undefeated and Virginia Tech's lone loss was to Clemson early in the season. Virginia Tech really only has one good look and that was week   one over WVU, and Miami really doesn't have any great wins so far. A win for either team here would prove big come late in the year when bowl games and possibly the College Football Playoff Committee are making selections. 

Prediction: Virginia Tech- 26, Miami-21


3. Wake Forest @ Notre Dame

This game is interesting, some might say this game will be a blow out but Wake Forest is sitting at 5-3 and has some good wins this year. Notre Dame just came off a big win and has another big game coming up against Miami. I don't wanna say it's a trap game but Wake Forest is being overlooked and there could be an upset here if Notre Dame isn't careful. Expect this game to be closer then people think.

Prediction: Notre Dame- 34, Wake Forest- 27


4. Penn State @ Michigan State

This game will be interesting, both teams are 4-1 in the BIG10 and a loss here would almost eliminate them from winning the east division. Penn State will need a big bounce back if they want to have a chance at making the playoffs and Michigan State could still sneak in to the Big 10 championship with an upset here and then again next week vs Ohio State. Penn State should come out with something to prove but the game is at Michigan State so anything could happen here. I do think that Penn State bounces back and has a huge week with a lot to play for still.

Prediction: Penn State- 41, Michigan State- 23


5. Baylor @ Kansas

Now I know what you're thinking, neither Baylor nor Kansas are very good this year, and there is some truth to that, but this is why you're gonna wanna watch this game. Remember the good ole days when teams like Purdue, Kentucky, Wake Forest, or Iowa State were the laughing stock of the power 5 conferences? Those were the good ole days but that isn't the case any more. You know who the worst teams in the power 5 are now? Rutgers, Illinois, Baylor and Kansas, if there was a final four for the worst 4 teams in the power 5 these two teams would be in it for sure. So why would you want to watch it? When else are you going to be able to tell your grand kids that you saw Kansas beat a power 5 team, or Baylor in 2017 laying a smack down on another big 12 team. Also, technically neither of these teams are mathematically eliminated from the college football playoffs so with enough happening one of these teams could be in the playoffs this season. Not likely but I'm just saying, we've seen crazier things happen before, so if I were you I would at least have this game on your #2 TV this Saturday.

Prediction: Baylor- 69, Kansas- 68




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