Why Tonight's Game 6 Is A Must Win For Both Teams.

October 31, 2017

Baseball fans have been very lucky the past two years. Last years World Series was one of the best in recent memory, and I'm gonna go off on a limb and say through 5 games this year's world series has been even better. Now it will be hard to top last years game 7 classic between the Cubs and the Indians but if the last two games go how the first 5 have gone then we will be in for a treat.


Now before I'm going to make a prediction on this game I'm going to go look back at how off every game has been from all of the experts predictions so far. Here's why I see tonight's game as a must win for both sides. For the Dodgers it's obvious, if they lose they are eliminated. For the Astro's it's not technically a must win but I think this is one they need to win. First off you have Justin Verlander who has been your best pitcher this post season facing a guy in Rich Hill who is solid but has had a short leash in the post season. With that short leash you face the Dodgers bull pen for at least 3 innings if not 4 or 5. As good as the Dodgers bull pen has been this year they have been absolutely crushed by the Astro's in this series. Those are the reasons why the Astro's should win the game tonight, now I'm not going to say it will happen because I'm so unsure and baseball can go either way on any night, but I would definitely say I have them as the favorite tonight.

Here's why if the Dodger's win tonight I think they win the series. If the Dodgers win tonight it means two things, 1. their bullpen is back, and 2. they can still hit Astro's Pitching. Another reason why is because it would give the Dodgers all the momentum going into game 7 which they would be playing at home. Look at last year, the Cubs won game 6 in decisive fashion and they had a ton of momentum leading into game 7 and came out hitting well early on in that game. Plus in game 7 I think the starting pitching match up favors the Dodgers with Yu Darvish vs the Astro's pitching McCullers. Now I know McCullers out pitched Darvish in game 3 but I don't see Darvish pitching that bad in 2 games, and say what you want but Yu Darvish is going to want to get some payback for that gesture that Yulieski Gurriel made earlier in the series. Plus if it gets to a game 7 you'll see everyone available and the Dodgers have more pitching depth including Clayton Kershaw who will want another shot to redeem himself. 


Now as I said, this year's world series has been as back and forth and unpredictable as any, I think tonight's game will be a one or two run game probably 5-3, 6-5, 6-4 or something like that but I could also see it being another 13-12 game as well as a 2-1 final. Either way I think it will be an exciting finish to the series weather it goes one game or two. Feel free to comment your opinion or let me know your prediction.







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